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Feb 2 / admin

PhoneSpeex 1.5 Update Released

PhoneSpeex 1.5 is available now as a free update on the AppStore.
This update fixes a problem on the iPod Touch where audio would not work at all if the program wasn’t launched with a headset/microphone attached. Now iPod Touch 3rd generation users can at least connect and listen to audio without having to attach a microphone.
The update also adds some support for bluetooth audio. I have a limited number of bluetooth devices to test with but it works with several. Since bluetooth audio is handled by the iPhoneOS it’s mostly out of my control anyway. With the iPod Touch the bluetooth headset is recognized as only a headphone device, I believe this is a current limitation of the iPhone OS.

Jan 15 / admin

TeamSpeak 3

By now I’m sure many people are starting to move over to the new and improved TeamSpeak 3, and with all the changes it’s surely worth the long wait. PhoneSpeex is not compatible with TeamSpeak 3, only version 2.

TeamSpeak 3 has been in development for many years, and in their words “TeamSpeak 3 is not merely an extension of its predecessors but rather a complete rewrite in C++ of its proprietary protocol and core technology”.
Obviously, with such differences to the core protocol, it would take some effort to make PhoneSpeex TeamSpeak 3 compatible, even to the point where it might require some cooperation from the good people over at TeamSpeak themselves.

So, the timeline for PhoneSpeex / TeamSpeak 3 compatibility is uncertain and the future is unclear. What is certain is that people enjoy the flexibility of using TeamSpeak on the go, so I’m sure a solution will appear in the end. Keep an eye on the website from time to time for any news.


Dec 21 / admin

PhoneSpeex 1.4

PhoneSpeex 1.4 is out. It’s a bugfix release. Accented characters for logins and other entries should be handled correctly now. Fixed issues where player was moved by an admin.

Dec 5 / admin

Issues with accented characters

An issue with PhoneSpeex has been noted where login names and passwords with accents or certain other extended characters are not being handled properly.

The problem has been identified and the fix will be in the next release of PhoneSpeex.

If you’re running into this issue, please email

Oct 24 / admin

PhoneSpeex 1.2

PhoneSpeex 1.2 has been approved and is now available on the Apple AppStore. New in this release:

  • Three transmit modes: Push-To-Talk, Push-To-Toggle and Voice Activated.
  • Larger, easier to press transmit button.
  • Status display below navigation bar shows current channel and last server message.
  • Now responds to SA moving players between channels.
  • Fixed issue with disconnect.
  • Bug fixes.

Bonus feature: since Apple relaxed restrictions on VOIP apps, PhoneSpeex now works over the 3G/Cellular network. Enjoy! Check out the updated user manual for a rundown of the new features.

Oct 7 / admin

3G Restrictions Relaxed

It appears Apple / AT&T are relaxing their restrictions on VOIP apps over the 3G networks, which would be great for PhoneSpeex users. I’m hopeful we’ll see this feature in an update in the not too distant future.

Aug 2 / admin

PhoneSpeex 1.1

PhoneSpeex 1.1 has been submitted to the AppStore for approval. New in this release:

  • Added German localization.
  • Improved display of progress during connect.
  • Status messages are now time-stamped and not faded out.
  • Server Administrator no longer prompted for password when changing channels.
  • Fixed bug in disconnect.
  • Misc bug fixes.
Aug 1 / admin

FCC Investigation

It looks like the FCC is investigating Apple and AT&T’s handling of VoIP application, particularly in regard to Google Voice. We are disappointed that applications like PhoneSpeex are unable to use the 3G network, even when they are not in competition with AT&T services and are low-bandwith.