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Jan 15 / admin

TeamSpeak 3

By now I’m sure many people are starting to move over to the new and improved TeamSpeak 3, and with all the changes it’s surely worth the long wait. PhoneSpeex is not compatible with TeamSpeak 3, only version 2.

TeamSpeak 3 has been in development for many years, and in their words “TeamSpeak 3 is not merely an extension of its predecessors but rather a complete rewrite in C++ of its proprietary protocol and core technology”.
Obviously, with such differences to the core protocol, it would take some effort to make PhoneSpeex TeamSpeak 3 compatible, even to the point where it might require some cooperation from the good people over at TeamSpeak themselves.

So, the timeline for PhoneSpeex / TeamSpeak 3 compatibility is uncertain and the future is unclear. What is certain is that people enjoy the flexibility of using TeamSpeak on the go, so I’m sure a solution will appear in the end. Keep an eye on the website from time to time for any news.