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The mobile Teamspeak client

PhoneSpeex is a voice-over-IP (VoIP) application optimized for the mobile experience that allows you to chat with other people using TeamSpeak 2 servers. TeamSpeak is popular with multiplayer gamers, and PhoneSpeex allows them to keep in touch with their teams on-the-go.


  • Mobile TeamSpeak 2 client, optimized for an on-the-go experience.
  • Local addressbook.
  • Two-way voice chat with speex codec.
  • Server and channel passwords.
  • Receive text and chat messages.
  • Display of channel and player information.
  • Player status setting and status change notifications.

PhoneSpeex is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with TeamSpeak (

Product Manual / User Guide

If you’d like to know more about PhoneSpeex, please feel free to download the PhoneSpeex User Guide. Since there’s no trial version of PhoneSpeex, reading the user guide is good way to see if PhoneSpeex will suit your needs.